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Je Suis Charlie - A Right Shower Of Charlie's! The Turkey's Keep Voting For Christmas! Who Are The Most Dangerous People In This World? Is It The Elites Or The Dumb Masses?

My what an interesting few months this has been since I last posted where the people of Scotland have been totally conned with the FAKE Referendum and the Glasgow Bin Lorry Crash HOAX and the people of France have been conned with the FAKE Charlie Hebdo Shootings HOAX and now the people of Denmark are being conned with the FAKE Copenhagen Shooting HOAX which just happens to be an exact copy of the French one with "Muslim terrorists" attacking and shooting "political cartoonists" and then going on to target a Jewish target when in reality it is Israel, the US and UK that is behind all of this FAKE terrorism along with the Elite Bankers, Royalty and Vatican etc in order to take AWAY Freedom and FREE SPEECH - amazing how our corrupt CONTROLLED Governments and ALL controlled political parties are rushing through more and more laws to take AWAY our Freedom of Speech etc all to keep the lid on the mass awakening of the people to the corruption and paedophilia being carried out and covered up by ALL of these political parties and these Elites etc that control them.

Here is the only video I could find of the Copenhagen Shooting HOAX - since the Paris videos were ripped to shreds for being so obviously staged, like the rest of these FALSE FLAGS, they must have decided not to do any more. This one just shows a wee bit of melodrama with the FAKE victim hidden between the car and flowerbed and the police zooming in and skidding to a halt - Must be real then eh? These people shout ambulance - what not one of them have a mobile phone and surely they have already called? The police don't have any concern for the "victim" or secure the cafe and let anyone wander in and out filming the bullet holes in the window from both sides WTF? - Of course they do not film the inside of the cafe to save them having to put down fake blood etc and the lack of damage. All those bullet holes in the window and only the cartoonist was killed and two policemen were injured? Who are they kidding and where are these other two "victims" :

Excellent summary of the Fake Copenhagen Shooting here with the usual dummy as a body of the victim or in this case the "terrorist" here:

Now not one person has been killed in the Paris or Copenhagen HOAX just like no one died in the The Toronto Shootings HOAX, The Sydney Siege Shootings HOAX, The Pakistan School Shooting HOAX, The ISIS Be-headings HOAX, The Sandy Hook School Shootings HOAX etc, etc. These were all what is known as FALSE FLAGS carried out by the police etc carrying out a TERRORIST DRILL or CRISIS ACTORS acting out this scenario and the the corrupt CONTROLLED Governments, TV and Newspapers LYING to you that these are real events. Just Google any of these with the HOAX at the end to see how much these have been exposed.

There are NO terrorists and for all of you who think that there are real "Muslim Terrorists" - or any other "terrorists" - running around wanting to kill us then just go watch the video interviews of Dr Judy Wood over on the right hand side of this site. Then ask yourself why not one bit of her EVIDENCE has been in any Newspaper or on the news on TV especially since she took the US Government and over 20 US Companies all the way up to the Supreme Court for putting out lies with regard to the mass murder of 3000 people on 9/11. Watch 7/7 Ripple Effect 2 over at the right hand side as well to see how much you have been lied to about the London Bombings by ALL of the political parties. These were the beginnings of this FAKE "War On Terror".

With all of the above FALSE FLAG HOAXES they put out video footage to fool the masses into thinking these events were real and then because they were being ripped apart by thousands of people all over the world as being so FAKE they were banned by the corrupt CONTROLLED Google/Youtube on the basis of being too horrible for the masses to watch when in fact more and more people after being shown how fake they are were waking up to what is really going on. Google/Youtube etc are banning more and more people for exposing what is going on - including myself - for simply telling the TRUTH and the corrupt Government/political parties, police etc are now involved in arresting people for doing the same. Here are some of the videos that expose this Paris HOAX some of which are banned from Youtube for these reasons:

NEW: Charlie Hebdo, Paris, France Shooting Hoax. Staged False Flag Terrorist Conspiracy

These Elites and their puppet Government leaders along with their TV and Newspapers also managed to sucker you all into thinking that millions went on a march when there was only a couple of hundred thousand at most and that these leaders had joined the people in this march when they were never anywhere near them - Mix with the plebs? Who are you kidding?  Wakey! Wakey! Sheeple - It is all a huge lie as you can see here:

Still not convinced about this being a HOAX? Have a look at the Charlie Hebdo "survivors" grieving for their "murdered" colleagues while meeting with the French President the next day. Wonder what their payout is for taking part in this HOAX against the people worldwide as well as inciting hatred against the Muslims was?

Update 2nd March 2015 - As you can see above with the videos you cannot access Pee Kay's Youtube channel has been shut down yet again. My how the Elites/Governments etc do not want the TRUTH getting out. Will link to these videos again if they get put back up somewhere else but meantime here is another huge HOAX - The Trans Asia plane crash that wasn't - hoaxed by using CGI and CRISIS ACTORS yet again :

Now one of the people our corrupt police and government have arrested is Chris Spivey who has exposed them for being involved in the Lee Rigby Woolwich HOAX that you can see all of the EVIDENCE for yourself here  Got to laugh as the idiot police etc involved in the intimidation of Chris are being ripped off and conned as much as everyone else by everything being exposed in the posts in this site and elsewhere on the internet - wait till they discover they will not be getting the pensions they paid for!

What Chris has exposed here is the governments involvement in Treason and Inciting Racial Hatred against the Muslims in this country in order to instigate violence, to give them an excuse to bring in even more draconian laws, and to hasten the build up of the police state that they are involved in at present against every one of us in this country. All of the governments where these FALSE FLAGS have been happening are involved in doing this in their countries as well - Wake up and smell the coffee folks - The Toronto Shooting HOAX was just a copy of the Lee Rigby Woolwich HOAX with the "hero" soldier who did not exist being killed - How very 1984 which is exactly what is going on just now since Orwell was a 33rd Degree Mason who knew exactly what these Psychopaths were planning.

Chris needs all the support he can get now and if you are all for FREE SPEECH and FREEDOM then please sign and pass on this petition here

Click on image to make larger

Now the biggest laugh here, if it was not so serious, is how the Scottish people - on both sides - were suckered into taking part in the FAKE Referendum for Scottish Independence when there was NO independence on offer with the corrupt and controlled, like ALL of the other political parties, SNP, taking Scotland into the EU in preparation for Scotland becoming a REGION of the United States of Europe. The fact that the EU is so corrupt with tens of £billions going missing every year and that organisation NEVER having had their accounts signed off because NO Auditors will do so because of this means NOTHING to the SNP just like it means nothing to all of the other controlled political parties.

SNP is now also going to sign up Scotland to the equally corrupt controlled NATO which was involved in the 7/7 London Bombings, The 2004 Madrid Bombings and was going around bombing Europe in the 1960/70s under Operation Gladio and is just as controlled by the Elites as the EU, UN and ALL of the western governments and political parties. The SNP just like ALL of the other political parties are involved in covering up the massive institutionalised paedophilia in this country having spent over £2 million of YOUR money to cover up the Hollie Greig case which also involved the jailing of Robert Green TWICE and Tym Rustige in order to attempt to silence them. They are now bringing in the Orwellian "Named Person" for EVERY child born in Scotland - my how did the millions of us born in this country to date manage to survive without this? They have already formed Scotland into a Police State by uniting all forces into one in preparation for it being the Scottish regional arm of the EU Police force to come and are allowing armed police to routinely roam our streets as a part of this - not forgetting searching more and more kids to get them to think that this is normal.

The SNP is also SNEAKILY going to bring in ID Cards - All this and more being exposed by the excellent UK Column and David Scott here:

For all of you who still think that the SNP are different from the other parties and are going to make any difference to this country or your lives then here is the proof at the following links of their involvement in the Glasgow Bin Lorry HOAX - again exposed by the excellent Chris Spivey - which also involves the Labour Glasgow Council - See told you they are all in this together! No one was killed in this incident either. The giveaway that this was FAKE was when the police kept saying that "there was no proof that this was terrorist related".

Dear! Dear! Here is a picture from the video of either the first or second "victim" to have been "hit" by this bin lorry - only there is no bin lorry anywhere near her or this area. She is just dropping to the ground and the other CRISIS ACTORS who are spread down the street acting as ordinary people crowd round this "victim" and the others acting as if they have been "hit" and these CRISIS ACTORS pretend to be helping them so that the REAL public around the area seeing this think that a real incident occurred:

You can see the entire scam being exposed here :
and here: 

Now it is not just the political parties that are corrupt and controlled by these Elites carrying out all of the above it is also the unions who are involved in all of this especially the FAKE Austerity that is hurting everyone and is destroying this country's economy. All of you people in the Public and Private Sector whose wages are being squeezed, whose jobs are being lost, who are working zero hours contracts etc then the unions are also involved in this massive scam. Not only that all of you who are paying into your private pensions are not going to get them. See the previous post on this site to see how much you are all being conned and robbed and where all of our money and resources is going. Here is Professor George Lees again exposing the unions link to this fraud:

More on the massive Central Bank scam exposed in the following video:

Yes the turkey's really do keep voting for Christmas! People who sit there in their wee blogs, or newspaper comments arguing away for their wee political party cults when they do not have a clue as to what is really going - or even want to know when they are told - just like the masses out there that go out to vote to give up more and more of their own powers, freedom and wealth to corrupt controlled politicians who are only working to their Elites agenda and not for the benefit of those who voted them in:

Who are the most dangerous people here - the Elites or the YOU the people? We are all born EQUAL in this world and are responsible for, and saving, our own lives. We are all born FREE with INALIENABLE RIGHTS and because you are all so lazy and selfish and self-centred you have given all of this away and as result we all have to live in this corrupt, controlled, by these Elites, fraudulent Admiralty Law legal system - fraudulent and controlled banking and political system. Not forgetting the education system that is there to dumb you all down and the health system there to DESTROY your health on behalf of the Elite owned drug companies - Not to mention what you are allowing them to put in your food and vaccines etc:

Instead the following video is what the vast majority of you have become. As usual copied from the US and another huge con as it is all brainwashing hype that the numpties fall for where the goods are actually DEARER than at many other times of the year - No wonder the retailers were PLEASED with the profits they made out of this:

Got to laugh at this mind you as it is the TV's these idiots are mostly going for - the very thing along with the newspapers that are brainwashing them in the first place. No co-incidence that the millions of people that really know what is going on in this world now do NOT watch TV or read newspapers. If you have actually got this far after reading and watching all of the above then you should be shocked enough by now to know that you should give these things up and start thinking for yourselves.

You are all slaves to materialistic things and that is why you are all so easy to control. You are all DEBT SLAVES. A perfect example of this is the house buying PONZI scheme where you are suckered into taking out a Mortgage - MORT = DEATH and GAGE = GRIP so that for 25 years you will slave away for money to pay for your house - meanwhile you will moan and groan about everything that is going on including within your workplace but will do nothing about it, go on strike or anything, because of your fear about losing your house and other junk - exactly the way it was set up. That is why the council houses were sold off - not to make people better off but to turn even more into self-centred selfish people who care more about their house than their neighbours and other people in this world and that is exactly what has happened - Exactly why there is absolutely no community spirit anymore.The fact that the houses are deliberately overpriced to start with so that these corrupt Bankers can charge you even more interest on the "loan" they NEVER loaned you in the first place and then they and the corrupt politicians can con you into thinking that the "value" of your house is going up when in FACT the value of your money is collapsing instead:

This corrupt financial system is going to collapse soon - the reason Russia and the other BRICS countries are setting up an alternative financial system. These Psychopath Elites are also rushing to get in their New World Order - One World Government DICTATORSHIP - with only Russia standing up to them. All of this plus the fact that millions of people all over the world are aware and exposing what these people are up to is the reason that these Elites and our corrupt TREASONOUS Governments are trying to goad Russia into what is going to be WW3. It is time to do what the Icelandic people did and for EVERYONE to stand up TOGETHER and jail every Banker, Politician, Police etc etc etc involved in all of this. Things are NEVER going to change otherwise - You are all destroying the future for the kids on this planet with your own selfish laziness.

Je Suis Charlie! - A Right Shower Of Charlie's! The Turkey's Keep Voting For Christmas! Who Are The Most Dangerous People In This World? Is It The Elites Or The Dumb Masses?

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Better Together? How the People Are Being Robbed Of ALL Of Their Wealth And Resources By The Elites And The Labour, Tory And Lib-Dem Parties! The Real Reason These Scum Are Gunning For WW3!

My how the people of Scotland, like the rest of the country and world, have been conned by the corrupt Elites and their CONTROLLED puppets in the Labour, Tory and Lib- Dem parties and Press and Media into being "Better Together" when in fact the country is bankrupt and in massive debt because these Elites and many members of these three political parties are stealing and laundering £Hundreds of Billions out of YOUR pensions, the banks and the country's treasury, just like they are doing to all of the other countries DELIBERATELY in order to bring in their New World Order dictatorship. Westminster and the House of Lords are also being used by members of these political parties to run scam companies that are involved in the massive frauds that are laundering all of your money into these crooked politicians, bankers etc off-shore accounts - every time they start a war or bomb "terrorists" in other countries they are scamming £billions of your money into off-shore accounts. This is the real reason that the corrupt crooked William Hague and other members of the government bailed out when Professor George Lees etc - see videos below - resigned from the government because of their heavy involvement of these scams.

The joke is ALL of these political party leaders are either involved in these scams or are deliberately covering them up and then have the gall to go about the country spewing out their drivel that we are all in this together and that the country needs to suffer austerity which is the biggest lie on the planet because these party leaders know full well that the Government can print their own (OUR) money with NO debt and simply spend it on the infrastructure of this country CREATING jobs and apprenticeships etc instead of giving OUR money away to the Elite Private Bankers, Royalty and Vatican etc for FREE in exchange for massive debt plus interest and then taxing you to pay back this debt that we NEVER borrowed in the first place - all the tax you pay cannot even meet the interest never mind the debt in this scam now. The government has NO need to tax you on anything if they simply printed their (OUR) own money. Go check out the Bradbury Pound for one way of doing this here: 

Now all of these party leaders and politicians know about the massive fraud above and the Bradbury Pound or printing our OWN money (and the massive institutionalised paedophilia problem) so just look at the utter bare-faced lies coming out of Douglas Alexander and Johann Lamont's mouths in this video when they were here in Paisley last week:

Oh Dear! We also have our resident village idiot Labour Councillor Terry Kelly - who thinks he is educated and intelligent by the way - spouting his ignorant drivel whilst shafting the people who voted for him and the people of this country. Of course this clown has not got a clue about anything - just like his other fellow councillors - but check out his drivel for yourself here

Who are you kidding Douglas Alexander, Johann Lamont and Terry Kelly? Better Together? You TREASONOUS scum just like the rest of the politicians in the parties above involved in all of this fraud and corruption against the people of this country and world. Yes Councillor Kelly there is going to be a bloodbath - thousands of poor, sick and elderly people dying in this country every year because of the "austerity" and cut backs brought in by your party and carried on by this coalition government all because of the TREASONOUS fraud, corruption and FAKE wars and terrorism and genocide carried out by and covered up by your parties being exposed below by Professor George Lees, George Bowden and John Paterson who is one of the over 600,000 people from Abel Danger all over the world investigating all of this treason and fraud etc being perpetrated against the people - this is now going global so we will see who are going to be the victims of the bloodbath Councillor Kelly. Come on you smart arse liars let the world hear your excuses for all of the fraud and corruption etc being exposed in the videos below and why you think that we are "Better Together" in this corrupt TREASONOUS cesspit?

Here is the REAL reason our corrupt Prime Minister David Cameron and Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond are FAKING the ISIS SCAM beheadings in order to start WW3 - to hide the sheer scale of the fraud and corruption operating out of Westminster and the House of Lords etc mentioned above. In this video George reveals that since they exposed the fact that there are 1300 Islam companies trading under the ISIS name, most of which are geo-political manipulators, they have been forced to change the name of the FAKE "terrorist" group to ISIL etc and they also expose how they operate of Aberdeen in Scotland which is a training hub for ethnic terrorism and how all of the main TV stations have been bought up to put out all of this FAKE news and also the historical involvement of the religions:

Watch the following videos and be shocked at the MASSIVE scale of the corruption being carried out against the people of this country and world. How privatisation is just a massive scam to rob us of our wealth and resources - you have NO choice when it comes to energy companies because they are all just the one single company. Watch to see how they are making you work longer before you get your pension because they have been laundering all of the money out of the pension funds and how they are forcing everyone to take out a private pension now as well because of this which they will end up stealing as well. How they have been laundering all of the money out of the banks and then getting the tax-payers to bail them out with "loans" that have also been getting laundered out of the back door and how they are laundering all of our money out of the country's treasury and how they have been doing this to every other country especially the EU - Countries like Ireland, Greece etc that are the basket cases they are because of all of this aided by their own crooked politicians and how this country is going the same way. How the FIFA World Cup and the Olympics etc are just huge scams laundering £billions out of the countries as well. Learn how the massive overspend on the Scottish Parliament was a deliberate scam to launder the tax-payers money just like Edinburgh Tram Fiasco and all of the Private Finance Initiatives which are designed by these crooked politicians, bankers etc to rook the tax-payers and how it is all covered up by a crooked justice system  and senior police - all satanic paedophile masons whoring against humanity - and a corrupt controlled media:

Lots more videos from Professor George Lees exposing what these crooks are up to here: 

Link to Professor George Lees website with lots of excellent information here:

Watch the following video where Roger Hayes of the British Constitution Group explains how they are going to take all of the banks to the Queens Bench Common Law Court - all of the other courts being corrupt and based on fraud and deception - to get them to return every single penny of interest they have conned out of everyone who has bought a house. Another part of this massive fraud by these Elite Bankers, Royalty and the Vatican above with the connivance of all of the political parties. These banks never lent you a single penny of your mortgage and have charged massive interest on that NOTHING which is illegal:

In the following two videos the excellent Santos Bonacci explains how the Vatican originally created this SYSTEM using TRUSTS where your Birth Certificate is your slave bond used to trade you on the Stock Exchange making £billions for these Elites and as a result of this everything in this SYSTEM is actually pre-paid - when you get a statement from your gas or electricity etc company they have already been paid from your trust and they are trying to get you to pay again - they are DOUBLE DIPPING you. In the second video Santos has amassed fines of $129,000 for refusing to pay tolls on a road built from the same scam as exposed by Professor George Lees etc above and he explains how he will, and does pay off, this fine using PROMISSORY NOTES which cost him a total of $1 for a postage stamp:

In this video Karen Hudes a former World Bank lawyer and whistleblower also exposes the fact that it is the Vatican/Jesuits that control all of the world's banks, and everything else,  and that is where the vast majority of all our taxes and money goes to:

Now Alex Salmond and the SNP knew all about the massive fraud and corruption exposed by Professor George Lees etc above, plus the fact that we can print our own money with no debt etc and if he had used all of this information he would have won this referendum with a huge majority that would have made it impossible for anyone to have fixed the vote by fraud as seems to have happened. You have got to wonder why none of this was used or then again maybe not with regard to the Hollie Greig case and cover up, as per previous posts, but again that involves all of the other parties as well or is it just simply that he was another puppet of these Elites?

Now is your opportunity SNP you have nothing to lose but plenty to gain - Get every single person in the party behind this and expose all of this to everyone in the country. Explain to everyone that this is why their pension funds are collapsing. Why their food bills are rocketing. Why their power bills are rocketing by 20% every year. Why their jobs are being lost in the Colleges, Universities, Police, Health Service etc - in fact all jobs. Why jobs are being privatised into these corrupt scumbags companies in order to rob the tax-paying public even more. Why the banks are collapsing. Why there is no money in the treasury and the country is bankrupt etc. There are not going to be many people left supporting the Labour, Tory and Lib-Dem parties when they find out how much these parties have been involved in all of this corruption that has caused so much misery, death and suffering in this country and world. By exposing all of this SNP you will be awakening the rest of the country and world to what these crooked scum are up to.

As I have explained above there is NO need for any of this austerity or cut backs etc but these TREASONOUS corrupt scum are going to continue to carry on with all of this until they have brought everyone down to the same poor and reliant on the government level to get everyone desperate enough to agree to their New World Order - One World Government. These psychopaths are now in a desperate rush to get their NWO agenda in place because they have been exposed and because there are now millions of people more than there are of them, awake to what they are up to, they are going to try and start WW3 to cover up for their crimes. Time for everyone to get together like the people of Iceland did to deal with these corrupt politicians, Elite Bankers etc while we still can.. Pass this on with all of the links to Professor George Lees etc to let the world know the TRUTH about what is really going on - Your kids future depends on it and it is not just going to go away by ignoring it - As Santos Bonacci says above time for you to reclaim and stand up for your own Sovereignty - no one else will.

Better Together? How the People Are Being Robbed Of ALL Of Their Wealth And Resources By The Elites And The Labour, Tory And Lib-Dem Parties! The Real Reason These Scum Are Gunning For WW3!

Friday, 5 September 2014

Better Wake The Fuck Up Fast Folks! Our Psychopathic Politicians and NATO Caught Out By All Of Their Paedophilia, Corruption, Lies And FALSE FLAGS Are Gunning For World War 3! Better Help Put A Stop To This Or This Will Be The End For All Of Us!

This last couple of weeks has shown how utterly brain dead most people in this country have become - on the one hand you have all of the fucking lemmings chucking buckets of iced water over themselves because they have been brainwashed into doing so by the TV and Newspapers and believe their shit that they are doing it for charity and to help find a cure for some disease that they could not give a shit about any other time even if it affects someone in their family. Well here is someone doing an ice bucket challenge the right way and listen to the message you stupid idiots:

Now the joke is as was said in that video the vast majority of the money in these charities is not going to find any cure and most of the money in these charities is being laundered off into offshore accounts by the crooks running them and all being covered up by our corrupt police and political parties etc The fact is folks there is cures for just about everything but the Elites do not want you to have any cures as THEIR drug companies would immediately lose the £billions they make out of treating you for the very things that they are giving to you in the first place with the poisons that they are putting into you and your kids via vaccines such as Mercury, Formaldehyde, Aluminium etc etc - Yes that is right you are letting them poison your kids with your SELF-IMPOSED ignorance and poison their foods with GMO and soon to be poison the water, soil and air with their Fracking etc. Wakey! Wakey! You stupid people. Why do you think that cancers etc are rocketing in the first place? There has always been cures for cancer and here is just one of them - plenty more info out there if you look:

Of course you will find it hard to wake up and think for yourself as long as you keep taking your fluoride in your toothpaste and in your water, if your country adds it, as it dumbs you down - the REAL reason it is in there in the first place and also by watching TV or reading Newspapers - the biggest joke on this planet is how people who watch TV or read Newspapers actually think that they are intelligent and knowledgeable when they are the most ignorant and stupid people on the planet when everything that they know and talk about is what these Elites have brainwashed them with via THEIR media as per the following video - Yes your TV is on the trance/hypnotic frequency for a reason and all owned by just a few people - these same Elites:

On the other hand what a surprise how the Elites and their puppets in the government, political parties, Secret Services and Police etc have raised the "terror" threat to severe after them having been caught out by their latest False Flag HOAX's - the FAKE killing of the "journalist" James Foley and Steven Sotloff. Now these videos of these supposed beheading have been banned in Britain - even though they can still be seen all over the rest of the world - because our government says it is too horrific for people to watch them when in fact you can see loads of other be-headings that have been on the internet for years that are more horrific and in fact are REAL unlike these False Flag HOAX's that have been professionally filmed in front of a blue screen in a studio, just like in the movies, with multiple camera angles. Amazing how these ISIS "terrorists" have their own production companies along with their other talents like being able to run the Oil Refineries that they are supposed to have captured - As a matter of fact totally amazing as they are managing to find buyers for this stolen oil through their "sales and marketing department" and our governments are doing nothing to stop or intercept these oil tankers or stop the money getting to these "terrorists" all because it is a load of BULLSHIT just like these beheading HOAX's and also because of the FACT that it is the UK, US and Israel that set up and control ALL of these FAKE "terrorist" organisations in the first place.

Now the real reason the government has banned you from seeing these videos is because they are so bad even the most brain dead sheeple can see it a mile away so by banning it most people just have to accept their CORRUPT word and the CORRUPT controlled TV and News media's word for this being real. Well here is the excellent Chris Spivey breaking it all down for the most asleep among you to understand how much you are being conned by these SCUM at this link

The government/mainstream press is now desperately trying to say yes this James Foley video WAS staged but that this "journalist" was really killed elsewhere after the pretendy bit at the start just like this shit rag, like the others, is trying to claim here :

WELL here you go folks - no one was killed - the "body" is a CPR dummy used for Red Cross practice etc with a fake head made up to look like the "victim":

You can see more about the CPR dummy report at the excellent Jim Stone INDEPENDENT journalist at this link here:

You can see links to the Steven Sotloff beheading HOAX's here and here

Or is this how they really did the fake beheading here with the CPR dummy at the end instead of what they claim here :

Two excellent videos that show that the ACTOR in this FALSE FLAG video is not the same guy as the "journalist" James Foley - They also show like the "soldier" Lee Rigby in the Woolwich HOAX he does not seem to exist either:

Just like all of the other CRISIS ACTORS playing the "parents" etc such FAKE acting - does this look like people who have just had their son murdered - don't think so just like they Sandy Hook parents etc - terrible acting - Oh and the parents look like two completely different couples in both videos also:

And what a surprise this is - NOT - another attempt by our corrupt governments to get an excuse to invade Syria after massive pressure by the awakened people to what they are really up to stopped them the last time. And, not only that, using the EXACT same scam, with the EXACT same "kidnapped journalist" that they used as the pretext for the bombing and invasion of Libya only this time they pretend that he has been executed - both to instigate hatred against the Muslims yet again and to get the ignorant brainwashed sheep to demand we bomb/invade Iraq/Syria  to deal with these "terrorists".

The biggest laugh is the Metropolitan Police claiming that you could be arrested under the anti-terrorism laws for watching and disseminating this video - this from the very organisation involved in the 7/7 London Bombings at the highest levels at the very least - see 7/7 Ripple Effect at the right hand side if you have not already - along with ALL of the political parties who ALL know about and are silent on this huge murderous False Flag SCAM. And who were also involved in the Lee Rigby Woolwich HOAX as exposed by the excellent Chris Spivey as per the last post - of course our corrupt government/police reaction to all of this EVIDENCE was to illegally arrest Chris and steal his computer to try and silence him. All the police forces are corrupt just like the judiciary, political parties etc all controlled by satanic paedophile masons - useful idiots carrying out the Elites agenda to the detriment of their own families and humanity. For all of you who have not seen the EVIDENCE of the Lee Rigby Woolwich HOAX for yourself you can read it all at this link here:

Unfortunately the Elites and their controlled puppets the Governments/Political Parties/Police/News Media etc have a huge problem on their hands - People Power. It is people power that helped get Chris Spivey's TRUTH about the Lee Rigby HOAX to the world while the government/secret services were trying to attack and block his site and got it back to the top of the Google listings. It is people power that has forced our totally corrupt SNP Scottish government to release Tim Rustige who they jailed along with Robert Green, now free on bail also, in order to cover up the paedophilia going on at the top of the Scottish establishment and it is people power that has put huge pressure on the UK government to pretend that they are going to have an inquiry into the huge institutionalised paedophile problem in our government and establishment but again unfortunately for them the people do not trust the corrupt Government, Political Parties, Police, News Media etc who have been covering up all of this for decades to do so that they are setting up their own inquiry. It is also people power that is exposing this corrupt banking/financial system that is stealing ALL of the peoples money and resources and is being covered up with the connivance of ALL of these same people. It is the internet people power that has forced the corrupt controlled TV and Newspapers to start reporting on all of the above after decades of them covering it up on behalf of the Government, Political Parties etc. Here is the REAL news about what is REALLY going on and how it should be reported - you should be shocked at what is going on in this country:

We are all being conned and lied to by our Elite controlled Governments, Political Parties, TV and Newspapers etc all over the world. With regard to Palestine we and the people of Israel are also being conned into supporting their CORRUPT controlled government and political parties genocide of the Palestinians in Gaza as a pretext to stealing all of their land and resources on behalf of the Elites. Here is just one report of the LIES of the Israeli government about the Palestinians firing rockets into Israel at this link here:
Plenty more reports about these LIES online.

The following is an excellent video showing how the Israeli people and the rest of us have been getting conned by the Israeli government and the CORRUPT controlled media - Notice you cannot see any flames or exhaust smoke from the imaginary Palestinian rockets while you can see the flames and smoke trail from the Israeli missiles that are just set to explode like fireworks and are in fact hitting NOTHING all to keep the Israeli people in fear and in support of the criminal controlled scum in the Israeli parliament - just like our governments and political parties are doing here:

Our corrupt controlled governments have also been conning us and lying to us all about the shooting down of the Malaysian Flight MH17, which was really the Flight MH370 that disappeared a couple of months ago, brought down by the Ukrainian government along with the US and UK and others as another huge FALSE FLAG event as an excuse to start a war with Russia, as has been revealed on plenty of sites such as:;read=312992

Time for you all to wake the fuck up folks! This corrupt system is coming down! The reason that our corrupt governments are ramping up these FALSE FLAGS in the Ukraine and Russia is they are desperate for a major war - the pressure is on them now because they know millions of people are awake and millions more are awakening every day to what ALL of these corrupt political parties are up to on behalf of their Elite controllers. They are building their New World Order dictatorship just now and they are speeding this up to try and head off the mass of people trying to put a stop to this. ALL of this FAKE "terrorism" is a huge part of this to take away what is left of OUR rights. These psychopaths are trying to start World War 3 as a part of this agenda - if they cannot get their New World Order, One World Government dictatorship in by stealth then they will get us all nuked to get rid of most of us and do it that way. Watch this guy Kenneth O'Keefe as what he is saying is what every journalist and politician should be saying if it wasn't for the fact that they are all controlled - this is what has been REALLY going on and not the GARBAGE you have been happy to suck up from the controlled mainstream media:

The biggest joke is ALL of the idiots on both sides here in Scotland arguing their utter DRIVEL about how they are going to be better off "independent" or better off staying as a part of the UK - Not one of the clowns arguing for the political parties on both sides or the stupid brainwashed SHEEPLE supporting them have a clue about their own personal SOVEREIGNTY or will get off their stupid thick backsides and stick up for that - Yes you are all bonded slaves and these Elites are taking AWAY what is left of your "independence" with the connivance of ALL of their controlled political parties, their corrupt controlled judiciary, police etc. Time for you all to get rid of your TV's and stop reading the DRIVEL in the newspapers and start actually using your brains instead of living in these Elite's created reality and standing up for your own independence and sovereignty - You want to give away your freedom and sovereignty and be controlled? Well stop giving away mine and everyone else who want's to keep theirs. Government should be running the country NOT your lives.

I have finally been banned from commenting on Google+ and Youtube as they are clamping down on people speaking the truth and linking to sites such as this and Chris Spivey, Dr Judy Wood etc and my account is being closed - couple of months to save my stuff apparently - so this site may disappear as well as these people own Blogger as well so I am working to move it at present. Your government along with the US and Israeli ones employ thousands of people known online as government trolls or shills to spread lies and misinformation online and they have obviously taken to banning people exposing them and their lies - all part of the £17 Billion being spent on the Secret Services here in the UK alone to spy and lie to YOU.

Better Wake The Fuck Up Fast Folks! Our Psychopathic Politicians and NATO Caught Out By All Of Their Paedophilia, Corruption, Lies And FALSE FLAGS Are Gunning For World War 3! Better Help Put A Stop To This Or This Will Be The End For All Of Us!

Monday, 30 June 2014

Lee Rigby Soldier Murder Hoax Exposed! Chris Spivey Site Blocked By Government To Stop The Names Of Those Involved Getting Out! Here Is The Link!

I would say that this is bombshell news but it is not to all of us people who actually research things for ourselves and do not waste our time and intelligence by sitting glued to DRIVEL on the TV or reading DRIVEL in newspapers etc and as all of you people in this situation know and like what is happening to Chris Spivey get slagged off or threatened by these lazy ignorant people or called "conspiracy theorists" etc by these people who are so dangerous that they actually go out and vote for the very political parties involved in all of this FAKE terrorism and all of the rest of the corrupt treasonous things including the fake debt austerity scam that every one of these controlled parties are involved in.

Now - type that into Google and see for yourself - has been blocked by Google on behalf of our government because he has been exposing this SCAM which was FAKED by this Tory/Lib-Dem government carrying on the FAKE terrorism narrative started by the Labour party with their involvement in the 7/7 London Bombings.  

Here is the link to Chris Spivey's site where he is exposing this HOAX Save the link in your favourites so that you can get to it past the blocking - You will find it slow to load because they are trying to choke the site plus the fact thousands more people are hitting his site to see the facts for themselves every day.

This entire scam was another FALSE FLAG event in order to stir up hatred in this country against the Muslims just like they are doing every day by their STORIES blaming the sick, disabled, unemployed, pensioners etc for the state of the economy and all of the FAKE debt and the austerity SCAM to take the blame away from the REAL culprits the Government, political parties and the people that control them the Elite Bankers, Royalty and Vatican who are the ones who are stealing ALL of the peoples money, assets and resources on this planet. These Elites are doing this along with the connivance of their political party puppets in order to take away YOUR freedoms and reinforce the police state that they are building. They are attempting to get the people to riot and fight each other to give them the excuse to bring in this police state much quicker and they have now created the FAKE new Islamic terrorists ISIS (Google ISIS hoax) to aid in this and as a scam excuse to start another war in the middle east since the UK and US government were stopped from bombing Syria the last time with their FAKE chemical attack SCAM. We would have been in WW3 and probably been wiped out by now if all of these people in the world who do do their research did not stop the UK and US governments from bombing Syria whilst these lazy ignorant people would just have let it all happen. There is a dictatorship building in this world led by the UK and US - Building their New World Order on behalf of these Elites.

Now people if someone tells you that you are being conned, ripped off etc you are supposed to engage your brain and go and check it out - look at the EVIDENCE and RESEARCH to find the TRUTH for yourself - Do not just believe what you are told - Unlike the people who get all of their "news" and "knowledge" from the TV and Newspapers etc and certainly unlike like the few people left in the political parties who think that they are more aware of what is going on than everyone else. Of course the usual reaction of these lazy ignorant people is to get angry with, attack or threaten the person telling them what is going on just like is happening with Chris just now, which all of us who know what is going on can relate to, and yet these lazy ignorant people will blame everyone but themselves for everything that is happening in the country and world because the people doing it all are getting away with it because of THEIR ignorance. The biggest joke is is that Chris and the rest of us care about these lazy ignorant peoples kids future more than they do letting these Elites decide what their kids future or no future more like is going to be - Not being interested or doing nothing means you CONSENT to what they are doing and also means that you do not care about anyone else either.

Of course this is all rubbish to the lazy ignorant people who do no research of their own and this world is never going to change unless we all get together to change things by working together, by caring for each other, every other living thing and the planet. If you all think that these corrupt controlled political parties are going to make a difference then you are all in for a nasty surprise - There are two types of people in this world the people who stand up for themselves without fear and the gutless wonders - time for you all to grow a pair - it's not as if you have to actually go and fight physically - these crooks in the government, judiciary, police etc work for YOU not the other way round and it is time to stand up like the people of Iceland and jail all of the crooked politicians, bankers etc involved in all of this fraud, paedophilia, murder , wars and genocide that they are causing in this country and abroad. 

There is plenty of money to do everything in this country if our crooked politicians were not printing OUR money and giving it away to these Elite Private Bankers for FREE in exchange for massive debt PLUS interest - our government should be looking after our troops instead of them having to rely on charity - too many people are working away for their charities not realising that they are just scams laundering money away for crooked politicians and businessmen - Go research the Red Nose Day Charity scam for one.

ALL the EVIDENCE that you need that shows all of the following to be FALSE FLAG scams with the American ones all to do with disarming the people in order to bring in this Elites dictatorship.

An excellent video showing the Lee Rigby SCAM:

Excellent video showing the Sandy Hook SCAM with all of the EVIDENCE you need to show how they are all just actors and that no one was killed plus these crooked fake families are raking in the money with their charities from the gullible people taken in by this just like they are with the Lee Rigby SCAM:

This video about Sandy Hook exposes the COMPANIES these FAKE families worked for in the Sandy Hook SCAM:

Three excellent videos that prove the Boston Bombings to have been a huge SCAM again all done with actors and NO victims:

An excellent link that also shows up these bombings to be FAKE CLICK HERE

Two videos that prove the Aurora Batman Shootings to be a huge SCAM:

Two excellent links that show that the Westgate Shopping Mall attacks in Kenya was also a SCAM CLICK HERE and CLICK HERE

And finally two videos of Richard D Hall interviewing Tony Farrell who was a Police Intelligence Analyst who was sacked from his job because he refused to put out government lies with regard to terrorism when he researched all of the evidence and his analysis proved that it was the government that was behind it all - Conspiracy Theories eh? Says the ignorant:

Plenty more EVIDENCE on the web to show that the UK and US governments, and others, are behind all of these terrorist events and SCAMS against their own people - Google Operation Gladio about the corrupt controlled NATO who are also reported to be behind the 7/7 and Madrid bombings.

Lee Rigby Soldier Murder Hoax Exposed! Chris Spivey Site Blocked By Government To Stop The Names Of Those Involved Getting Out! Here Is The Link!

Friday, 13 June 2014

Timothy Rustige Needs YOUR Help! Sign The Petition - Pass It On And Help Beat These Corrupt Scum! You Get The World You Deserve And At Least Some Of Us Want A Better One!

Well the Hollie Greig cover up and the jailing of  the pensioners Robert Green and Timothy Rustige saga continues with Robert out on bail and practically under house arrest down at his home in England until his trial all under this corrupt "legal" instead of LAWFUL system and Timothy as per the previous post moved to the Barlinnie prison in Glasgow because of the, unreported it seems, riot in the brand new prison at Peterhead - Then again they are trying to make out that the prisoners are getting 5 star food compared to the dross they are serving in hospitals so they mustn't expose their wee lies that keep you all arguing over the DRIVEL instead of what is really going on, and who is really responsible, for everything that is happening in this world - the Elites with their puppet political parties and politicians.
Now for those who can drag their way from being brainwashed by their CORRUPT and CONTROLLED TV or Newspapers - Totally silent on the Hollie Greig, Robert Green and Timothy Rustige cases - spare a MINUTE of your time by helping Timothy to help to get him out of prison by signing the following petition:
Now Timothy was jailed like Robert Green in order to try and shut them up as they were trying to expose the cover up of the abuse of a paedophile ring against the Downs Syndrome girl Hollie Greig as per the previous posts and the involvement of the former disgraced Lord Advocate of Scotland in this and her, and our SNP Scottish Governments, use of hundreds of thousands of pounds of YOUR money for what should have been private slander actions if she was innocent of what Robert and Timothy were exposing - plus these cases against Robert and Timothy were nothing to do with the police, Crown Office or CORRUPT Scottish government - both this SNP administration and the previous Labour/Lib Dem one apart from their agenda to keep this covered up. 
Timothy’s early release date should have been the 3rd June 2014 but because of the the riot at Peterhead prison, which he was not involved in, his  early release process has been stopped with his transfer to Barlinnie prison. Timothy is not in very good health and the strain of being in prison, especially that dump of a prison, is not doing him any good being locked up 23 hours per day and it is a joke that prisoners who had been at Peterhead with him, and in fact had been guilty of criminal activity, have been given their early release papers even though they had been jailed after him.  Just like the case of Robert Green the corrupt scum in the Scottish Government and Crown Office are unlawfully interfering in this process which is in the remit of the Scottish Prison Service to pile more misery on Timothy and keep him in and stop him from continuing to expose this cover up which is related to all of the other corruption that our Government, Political Parties, Judicial System and Police etc are up to.
Timothy Rustige Needs YOUR Help! Sign The Petition - Pass It On And Help Beat These Corrupt Scum! You Get The World You Deserve And At Least Some Of Us Want A Better One!